Ramadan | Clerics urges Muslims to prayer for peace, progress of Nigeria

Ramadan | Clerics urges Muslims to prayer for peace, progress of Nigeria.
Muslims in the country have been urged to reflect on the significance of the Ramadan period to offer prayers for the nation’s peace, development and economic recovery.
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 In an interview with the newsmen, Alhaji Sodiq Afolayan, the Chief Imam of Omu-Aran Central Mosque described Ramadan as a sacred period for prayers and devotion.
He said: “It is in the light of the holiness of the Ramadan period that we should not hesitate in offering prayers for guidance for our leaders.
“We as patriotic citizens should specifically offer prayers for speedy recovery of the nation’s economy said to be presently in a state of recession.
“Surely, this is one sacred period where prayers of the righteous are promptly accepted and granted,’’ he said.
Similarly, Alhaji Mustapha Abdulsalam, the Missioner of Nasrullahi-lifathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Omu-Aran chapter, urged leaders in the country to imbibe the exemplary leadership style of the holy Prophet Muhammad.
He said “Prophet Muhammad was an epitome of humility, honesty and integrity.
“This is just few of the sterling qualities that endeared Prophet Muhammad to his followers during and after his sojourn on earth,’’ he said.
Abdulsalam also urged Muslims to reflect on the period and rededicate themselves to the service of Allah and humanity.
He added that “we have to reflect on our past mistakes and misdeeds and seek for forgiveness for us to become righteous.
“This is the only way we can be able to intercede on behalf of the leaders, through prayers, on our challenges.’’
Also, Alhaji Issa Salahudeen, the Chief Imam of Ansarudeen Society of Nigeria, Omu-Aran chapter, urged wealthy Muslims to extend their hands of assistance to the needy and the less privileged.
He said recent development in the country occasioned by the unimpressive economic situation required citizens to be their brothers’ keepers.
According to him, the present situation is not about being a Muslim, a Christian, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa but a Nigeria citizen.
“This is the only way we can collectively tackle and alleviate the impact of the economic recession on the people,” he said.
The NAN reports that the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) had disclosed that the lunar crescent of Ramadan would appear in Nigeria on Friday May 26.
In a statement, NASDRA’s Head of Media and Corporate Communications, Dr Felix Ale said the appearance of the Ramadan crescent would be recorded between the hours of 6:49 pm and 7:54 pm on May 26.
“The appearance of the moon would signify the start of Ramadan on Saturday May 27,” Ale was quoted as saying.
 Ramadan | Clerics urges Muslims to prayer for peace, progress of Nigeria
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