Nigeria: A place cow life worth more than human being life

Nigeria: A place cow life worth more than human being life


Is Nigeria a place for human inhabitation following the recent happenings in Nigeria?

Early this years the murderous herdsmen visited some six Benue villages, causing flow of blood in the state and more than 56 people corpses in their trail, not long ago the chicken roosters has gone to Plateau state to roost more chicks killing more than 86 chicks in the state. It was noted that Plateau State Governor Solomon Lalong was one of the very first to condemn Governor Samuel Ortom for enacting the anti-open grazing law, to check the rampaging herdsmen.

The plateau state victims are poor, hapless villagers honestly trying to eke out a living off the land. The victims are innocent women and saintly children. Only a beast would look a tot in the face and thrust a dagger into her, see a the tiny toes and bring a machete down on her head, ignore the shrill cry of suddenly orphaned kids and push all of them into a burning house with their parents’ corpses. But it so unfortunate that the presidency could do any to the kills instead they went on to arrest the innocent ones whom are try their best to protect their crops from destruction by the Fulani’s cows.

A place cow life worth more than human being life
Following the recent issue in Ezi Nze community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State alleged killing of numbers of cows belonging to Fulani herdsmen by youths of the area on May 20, 2018.

The community youths due to destruction cause by Fulani  cows in their farms land  killed unspecified numbers of cows instead for the case to be settled amicably they where  asked to pay about N2 million. Newly elected President of Ezi Nze Town Union, Kelvin Ochi, who disclosed this in an interview with Daily Sun in Enugu, said the community has, so far, paid N600,000 to the herders.

He lamented the devastation caused by the people of the agrarian community in the last two years, noting that farms had been destroyed, women raped and people maimed.

He disclosed that a young boy of about 13 years recently shot by herders in the area is still receiving treatment at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Teaching Hospital, Park Lane, Enugu. The question is (is cow life worth more than human being life wasted by chicken roosters (Fulani herdsmen).


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