Current Baskin Robbins Career Guide and Application Procedures Online

Current Baskin Robbins Career Guide and Application Procedures Online. | Continue Reading, If You Have Any Question or Suggestion Please Drop Your Comments Below.  
Current Baskin Robbins Career Guide… Baskin Robbins is presently the world’s largest ice cream store chain. It has 7,500 locations; 2,500 shops in the U.S. and 5,000 in other countries. There are numerous Baskin Robbins job openings constantly, so if you are interested in working at Baskin Robbins, this article will guide you on how to apply for a job, the requirements and the job openings.

Note: you must be up to the age of 16 before you can be considered eligible for the Baskin Robbins application process.

Baskin Robbins Employment Opportunities.

The following are the Baskin Robbins careers for In-Store Baskin Robbins Jobs:
  1.    Cake Decorator, Server, Cashier, and Ice-Cream Scooper – as part of the Baskin Robbins Crew Member position.
  2.    Shift Leader – entry level Baskin Robbins career in Management.
  3.    Assistant Store Manager
  4.    Store Manager
The following are the departments in the Corporate Sector:
  1.    Accounting and Tax
  2.    Administrative and Support Services
  3.    Construction Services
  4.    Consumer Services and Call Center
  5.    Facilities/ Security
  6.    Franchise Sales/ Business Development
  7.    General Management
  8.    Human Resources/ Recruiting
  9.    Information Technology
  10.    Loss Prevention
  11.    Legal
  12.    Marketing
  13.    Purchasing
  14.    Sales
  15.    Supply Chain/ Logistics

Baskin Robbins Application Procedure.

As noted on the Baskin Robbins website, you will be working for a franchisee in the Baskin Robbins career, not the Dunkin Brands Inc. Company. Each franchisee is free to set benefit programs and wages. Franchisees are semi-independent, that is why their hiring process may differ from one another.
For all In-Store Baskin Robbins jobs, if you are applying for a corporate Baskin Robbins job, then you will be an employee of the Dunklin Brands Inc. Company.
You have to visit the store where you would like to work to ask for a Baskin Robbins job application form if you are applying for an in-store Baskin Robbins job. You cannot submit your application online for this position.
The application form is easy to fill, as it requires your Contact Details, the Job Position you are applying for, brief information about your Education, and Work Experience.
If you are interested in a corporate Baskin Robbins career, then you need to visit the official Dunkin’ Brands career page at to get information about the hiring process and the benefits they offer.
You will also find the Dunkin’ Brand online application portal, where you can search for jobs that best suit your education and skills. You can search according to Keyword, Job Category, Location, Date Posted, or Employment Status.
Once you have found your job of interest, you can click on it to read the full description and the application status for the position. Then you can click the Apply Now button to apply. You will be redirected to the Dunkin’ Brands iRecruitment page, where you will create your profile, then proceed to fill the application form.
You will be required to upload your resume so that all your information can be assessed by the hiring specialist. The online application form has the following sections:
  1. Personal Information: this requires your full contact details so that the Human Resources department can contact you for further processes.
  2.    Qualifications and Skills: this requires a list of your academic and professional achievements; preferences and additional details.
  3.    Review: this gives you the opportunity to make corrections where necessary before submitting to the Human Resources department.

Baskin Robbins Crew Member-Job Description and Duties

This is the main entry level career at Baskin Robbins and it is categorized into three:
  1.    Cake Decorator
The cake decorator is in charge of the cake aisle. He/she must be creative; he/she is free to experiment with several decoration techniques until it goes in line with the customer’s request. The cake decorator prepares the desert according to a preset schedule and must abide by the Desert Decorating Quality Standards of Baskin Robbins.
  1.    Ice Cream Scooper
This position is aimed at getting the employee acquainted with the company’s products because he/she will have to communicate with customers and suggest the best ice cream flavors according to their preferences. The ice cream scooper will have to make sure the freezer is well stocked and also ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the store.
  1.    Cashier
This position is aimed at people with great communication skills and ability to multitask because it entails communicating with the customers politely while handling their purchasing transactions.
dsldsjd Salary and Compensation
The minimum rate per hour varies between $8.15 and $14.33. The salary could increase as the employee gains experience, thus:
  1.    $14.00 per hour for Cake Decorators
  2.    $10.00 per hour for Ice Cream Scoopers
  3.    $10.00 per hour for Cashiers
Baskin Robbins Shift Leader-Job Description and Duties
This is also an entry-level position at Baskin Robbins. He/she will have to perform the following on a daily basis:
  1. Providing assistance to the Baskin Robbins Store Manager during interviews, the various steps of the hiring process, the training programs, and the record maintenance steps.
  2. Monitoring the performance of Baskin Robbins employees.
  3. Managing the Sales floor during peak hours of operation to ensure that the customers are able to get the best service possible.
  4. Conducting food and paper inventory on a weekly basis.
  5. Maintaining all databases and POS systems up to date.
Salary and Compensation
The average salary for this position is $10.00 per hour and can increase to $11.00 prior to promotion.
Restaurant Manager-Job Description and Duties
The restaurant manager is responsible for:
  1.    Ensuring that the overall profit is always as high as possible.
  2.    Training the Assistant Manager and Shift Leader so that he/she can delegate some responsibilities to them.
  3.    Developing personalized financial policies for the store, so as to meet the financial goals of the store and possibly exceed them.
Salary and Compensation
The average salary for this position is $30,000 yearly. The restaurant manager is also entitled to comprehensive benefit packs.

Benefits of Working at Baskin Robbins

Majority of employees at Baskin and Robbins receive Health Plans and Employee Discounts. This is personalized for every Baskin Robbins franchise while the Corporate Department receives the following benefits:
  1.    Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
  2.    Basic Life Insurance
  3.    Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
  4.    Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability
  5.    Employee Assistance Program
  6.    401(k) Retirement Plan
  7.    Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  8.    Tuition Reimbursement Plan
  9.    Paid Time off, including:
  10.    Holidays
  11.    Vacation
  12.    Personal Time
  13.    Sick Days
  14.    Bereavement Leave
  15.    Special Discount Programs, including:
  16.    Bulk Coffee purchasing
  17.    Discounted movie tickets
  18.    Museum and aquarium pass
  19.    Pet insurance
  20.    Group auto and homeowner’s insurance
  21.    Perks Card program
  22.    Amazing Company Perks:
  23.    Unlimited Free Dunkin’ Brands Products at all corporate headquarters
  24.    On-Site Fitness Facility
  25.    Electric Car Charging Stations
  26.    Early Release Fridays – available every Friday of the year
Current Baskin Robbins Career Guide and Application Procedures Online. | Continue Reading, If You Have Any Question or Suggestion Please Drop Your Comments  And Also Share With Friends Below....
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